Out of Home Media Recall Tops All Other Media Forms

By: PJX Media, January 5, 2023


Solomon Partners 2023 Benchmark Report shows that Out of Home media billboards, both printed and digital, achieve the highest recall among consumers. Out of Home media is far and above the winner against print, tv, audio and online.

Mark Boidman, Partner and Head of the Media & Entertainment Investment Banking Group, Solomon Partners, said “These benchmarking numbers demonstrate OOH’s ability to engage consumers in a manner that typically outperforms competing media, and marketers should consider that effectiveness in their media plans.” and “Generating higher levels of ad effectiveness is just one of the reasons OOH is generating greater growth than the overall ad market. The medium’s digital flexibility and impressive increases in programmatic spend are driving the growth because OOH is delivering on the needs of today’s brands.”

Anna Bager, President and CEO, OAAA, states “This analysis affirms out of home’s critical role in the media mix.”