Philadelphia, PA —

Today, March 8, 2022, Keystone Outdoor Advertising launched their Women’s History Month Series campaign, with their first ad specific to International Women’s Day. Throughout the month, they will be highlighting and celebrating important women throughout history who have made contributions to history, culture and society.

“Today and every day we celebrate women leaders at Keystone Outdoor,” said Jessica Cheesman, Director of Operations at Keystone Outdoor. “This year we decided to use our medium to promote various women in history as well. Representation is important,” she went on to say.

“Innovation and thinking outside the box are critical not only in life, but in business. It’s especially critical in the ever-changing outdoor advertising industry. That’s why we are proud to have a full roster of women leaders making decisions and paving the way for our company,” said Cheesman.

Follow the Women’s History Month Series campaign on Keystone digital billboards throughout the market, as well as on their social platforms.

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