If you haven’t noticed, digital billboards are becoming the popular option of new builds for OOH vendors. They are also becoming a fast choice for a lot of local and national agencies. You often hear “Why Digital”? Well, as the person who schedules all our digital billboards, I can give you a plethora of reasons why. However, I want to get into the “how” of digital boards. There is so much versatility with digital and it seems like we hardly scratch the surface. I want to dive further into exactly what digital can do, because it is more than just displaying your ad in a rotation! 

We all know that digital is fast. As in you can send me your new creative and I can get it posted in 5 minutes fast. You don’t have to wait for a vinyl to get printed and install to see your new message live. It is a great option for advertisers who want the ability to switch out their design multiple times a month, week, or even day. Digital scheduling enables you to decide when you want certain messages to run.

The possibilities of scheduling creative are endless, and we encourage advertisers to take advantage of that, and display multiple messages. We also encourage our advertisers to use some of the other capabilities that digital offers. Here are just a few:

Weather/Time & Temp:
We can pull data from national weather sources to display the temperature of any location. Which can be used in a variety of ways. In conjunction we can pull the time of a location as well, which combined work great for weather sponsorships!

Additionally, we can program what we call “triggers” which set temperature values to determine what messaging will run. If it is sunny out, your design can promote sunscreen. If it is rainy you can advertise a sale on umbrellas.

Live Sports Scoring:
With digital billboards, you can pull live sports scores for ANY major sporting event in the county. Our system can show score changes as they happen or can display the final scores for games as well!

Countdowns to Events:
We have seen a few advertisers like to set-up countdowns for certain events they are promoting! We can set the date and if needed time of an event and have a live countdown on your board, in days hours or even minutes! Once that event has ended, we can set up “Thank You messaging for event attendees or anything else you would want to run after.

Day Parting:
I briefly touched on this earlier, that with digital you can schedule different creative to run at different points of the day. We call this “day parting”. You can set up messages geared for the morning commute, and evening rush if you would like! We can schedule down the minute and are always happy to accommodate your requests!

Digital is extremely versatile and can be a great creative tool if needed. The next time you are planning your digital campaign, consider trying out one of our dynamic options to enhance your messaging! As always, we are happy to assist in the whole set-up and walk you through the process.

Speak with you soon!