BEEP BEEP, It’s Keystone Transit!

By: Deb Hilpl, Transit Manager

While a growing number of companies may be spending more of their ad dollars on online advertising and less on traditional media, OAAA has something to add! Transit advertising, or moving billboards, are here to stay as an important part of your advertising campaigns.

Unlike online ads, transit ads are impossible to skip or scroll past. The ads are perfectly designed to market to large groups of consumers in a direct format that is both compelling and impossible to miss. The expansive space gives you the ability to deliver a creative and memorable ad, that travels through your target demographic.

Keystone Transit has partnered with Bucks County Transport, a shared-ride transportation service for all Bucks County residents, to offer the only fully wrapped buses traveling throughout the difficult-to-reach Bucks County exurb. Keystone Transit has bus terminals in Bristol and Quakertown, PA.  Our buses leave daily to target Lower, Central, and Upper Bucks which gives clients the flexibility to specifically direct messages and “heavy-up” in any or all areas of the exclusive Bucks County. Plus, your message is the sole advertiser on a Keystone Transit bus!

The value of Keystone Transit is its ability to penetrate deep into Bucks County, on primary and secondary roads, and as a stand-alone medium or as an excellent complement to static and digital billboard campaigns. These mobile billboards provide broader coverage throughout the county, especially where billboards are limited.

Keystone Transit makes it happen!  We will tailor a program to work within your advertising plan. Contact us today to start your transit campaign or to add a bus to your current buy!

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