By: Jessica Cheesman

Billboards, and specifically digital billboards, are being embraced by community, government officials and local leaders in our market and across the country now more than ever. It is not just advertisers that benefit from the many advantages of out-of-home. Here are just some of the ways that a billboard can help your community:

AMBER Alerts

Keystone Outdoor partners with OAAA and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to display AMBER Alerts on our digital billboard network. OAAA is directly linked to the NCMEC database, which alerts participants within minutes of the system being activated. Public officials and community leaders are impressed by the abilities of digital billboards to protect our children.

Weather Alerts

Along with being able to change copy based on different weather triggers, in the event of an impending weather emergency, local news television and radio stations frequently rely on the out-of-home medium to get to the community faster and more efficiently. Informing the community quickly is the key to preventing disaster.

Community Events

Municipalities are using digital billboards to communicate with the public to boost local events, businesses and to send important notifications to their citizens about meeting times, scheduled maintenance or roadwork, daylight savings and fire safety reminders.

Pandemic Response

The past few years have been like no other time in our recent history. Pandemic response was needed throughout our country and the world. Keystone Outdoor worked closely with local government to share updates via out-of-home regarding pandemic safety, relief, and happenings. In such a confusing time, it was easy to rely on billboards in high-traffic areas to reach the highest number of drivers and pedestrians.

For operators who have locations that are in high demand by advertisers, as Keystone Outdoor does in PA and NJ, digital billboards provide a way for more communities to benefit from a single location.

The benefits of billboards far exceed this list – and many of those benefits simply do not exist with other mediums. That is why billboards are here to stay.