Managing by Common Sense

By: Lisa DiFelice

 “The best way to predict the future, is to create it.” -Abraham Lincoln

Selling out-of-home takes a very strategic approach and after reading many articles, attending seminar after seminar, listening to podcasts, and seeking advice from my peers, I have built my own process on how to manage all three generations in the workplace.

In real life experiences, every employee needs a different approach from a manager, but sticking to the basics is what has proved fruitful in my management career.

The commonsense rules to management have always brought me great success and here are my secrets:

  1. Don’t always assume you are right. Hire the subject matter expert, and trust them to do their job!
  2. As a manager be open to growing and changing. Your industry is changing, so why shouldn’t you?
  3. Be transparent! Honesty goes a long way with your employees.
  4. Constant and purposeful communication is key. Provide feedback, but also accept it in return. Most importantly, listen!
  5. Help your team grow by building their confidence. Again, this means hearing their feedback, concerns, and suggestions. You want the next generation to build upon your success, bringing new and fresh ideas to the table.
  6. A positive workplace environment and culture is invaluable! Negativity can spread like wildfire.
  7. Great managers take the time to truly understand their team.

In management, my job is to grow, teach and mentor my team while making sure everyone is striving toward the company’s mission.  

There is nothing better than seeing the fruits of your labor. Actually, there is. Feeling the respect and admiration and knowing the job well done.