Beat the Competition with a Billboard

By: Andrew Chambers, Senior National Account Manager

When planning an out-of-home advertising campaign, you may automatically assume that you should buy the biggest boards with the biggest format, most impressions, etc., however, one major factor to also consider? Placement amongst your competition.

Having a billboard in proximity allows the advertiser the ability to target the consumers in your competitor’s own backyard. When buying a billboard for competitive coverage, it is smart to work on enticing copy/creative that targets your strengths and how they can overcome the competitors’ weaknesses. This can be done by advertising lower prices, superior goods and/or services, etc.

Are you struggling to stand out amongst the big dogs in your industry? A billboard can be used to squash these challenges and is the perfect opportunity to advertise where your competition least expects it – right on their turf! Let’s work together and get new customers (your competitors’ customers) through your doors.

Keystone Outdoor Advertising is your go-to to craft a solid competitive coverage strategy to help beat any competition you may face. Let’s win this business together!