Out-of-Home & Social Media (they just go together)!

By: Monica McGrail

Hey, YOU…scrolling through your IG feed, you’ll want to stop and read this!

Out-of-home advertising and social media go hand-in-hand and here is why. OOH advertising secures 4 times more social activations, per ad dollar spent, compared to all other media*.

Picture this..

You’re driving down I-95 in Philly, heading to Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles game (GO BIRDS!). You see a Keystone billboard on your way with a really cool ad for Chickie’s & Pete’s, a local Philly favorite. You get to the Linc, sit in your seat and start scrolling through your social media feeds, like we’re all guilty of. Chickie’s & Pete’s is also running a version of that billboard ad on social media that you saw earlier on your way in. You get out of your seat and go get your Chickie’s & Pete’s Crabfries because now, that’s all you’re thinking about!

It worked. You saw the literal sign on I-95, you saw an Instagram post or tweet, and that was your sign to get your fries and live your best life.

Simultaneously running OOH advertising and social media advertising is literally reaching your audience from all angles. You’ll reach them on the roadways and when they get to their destination because let’s face it, we’re glued to social media!

If you’re already running social media campaigns and have been on the fence about billboards, let’s chat! Running your campaign or your client’s campaign on a billboard, mixed with other channels like social media, will give them 4x more social activations, so why not give it a shot?

*Source: NIELSEN, 2017