Our Community is KEY.

By: Monica McGrail Keystone is the largest, independently owned out-of-home company in the Philadelphia DMA. Because of this, we take our commitment to our city and surrounding areas seriously. We have a platform that reaches millions, and how lucky are we that we can use it to help our friends in need? Whether it be a public service announcement helping our friend Don find a kidney donor, a campaign promoting a free local concert for a non-profit or spreading awareness for free local libraries in our area, we’ve got your back. We pride ourselves in having the best customer service – and this doesn’t stop at selling billboards. The team at Keystone is committed to helping our current and future clients however we can, but we’re also committed to making a difference in the Philadelphia DMA and beyond. Over the past few months, we’ve been lucky enough to support the following missions whether it be billboard space, monetarily, or even volunteering for service:
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Philadelphia Region – Volunteering at the house for the Served with Love program. I encourage EVERYONE to do this! Check it out here: Served With Love
  • Mimosas for Marrow 5K – PSA billboard space to promote the event with all proceeds benefitting Be The Match.
  • Kidney 2 Don – PSA billboard space in hopes to find a man who spends his life helping others a life-saving kidney donor
  • Mitzi Perdue, former CEO of Perdue Farms – PSA billboard space to support her brave efforts in traveling to Ukraine and sharing the stories of the families and what we can do to help locally
  • Special Olympics – PSA billboard space promoting a local upcoming run to raise funds for the organization. Join the fun!
  • Autism Awareness – Partnering with our friend and Motivational Speaker, Ben Hartanft (follow him on IG: @benrct2) to spread awareness on our digital network. Check out more about Ben here.
  • Citadel Heart of Learning Award – PSA billboard space helping our friends at Citadel with their amazing mission to highlight the amazing teachers out there! You can nominate your favorite teacher here!
These are just a few of the organizations / people we’ve been honored to partner with and we can’t wait to watch this list grow throughout 2023. As a marketer, it’s easy to get caught behind the busy days of website analytics, email data reporting and more, but lucky for me I work with a wonderful group of people who are devoted to the community and partner with me day in and day out to make sure we’re always giving back.