It’s the most wonderful time of the year (at least I think so)!

By: Lauren Benson, Traffic Manager

It’s summer! The kids are out of school, the days are longer, and spending time at BBQ’s and the beach are a SHORE thing. With all these activities lined up, this means more time spent in the car…which means more time spent looking at billboards! We love summertime here at Keystone Outdoor because our beautiful signs are put on display behind sunny blue skies and in front of lots of extra traffic.

As we dive right into summer, we know traffic is not something we can avoid this time of year. As Philadelphians, we know all too well how much time we can spend stuck on the Schuylkill, 95, and the Vine Street Expwy. Our highways are constantly ranking in the ‘worst congested roadways in the US’ and according to the DOT, the three highways I just listed are in the top 50 (worst). However, I would like to put my PR hat on and spin this into a positive for OOH. 

For example, the average speed on 76 is 33.6 MPH. In my “Jersey Driver” opinion, that is painfully slow, especially when you have another few hours in the car heading to the beach on the Atlantic City Expressway. So, what else do I have to do when I am driving that slow but look at the beautiful scenery and advertisements around me? (Because one thing I am NOT doing, is looking at my phone)

How about these fun facts? According to the OAAA, summer vacation travel is on the rise.

  • 90% of consumers plan to travel this summer. That’s like, a REALLY BIG percentage of people.
  • Personal vehicles remain the most popular form of transportation for summer travel. Sitting at 75%, it beats airplanes, trains, buses, etc.

Traffic in the summer, in general, is always busier, but you know what is also poppin’ this time of year? Shore traffic! I am lucky enough to live right off the Atlantic City Expressway and from May to August, my family jokes that we cannot leave our house pretty much all weekend. Why? Because everyone makes their trek down the shore and our local roads and the expressway are PACKED!

Lucky for you, Keystone Outdoor just acquired several units on the ACX. Literally everyone I know (and that you probably know) will be driving on the ACX this summer, so what are you waiting for? We have some great locations available starting this month and it could be the perfect opportunity for you to get in front of traffic.

The moral of the story is that summer traffic stinks, unless you’re advertising with Keystone Outdoor 😊