Bill Pay App Terms for Payment

Payment for advertising space and related materials and services (“Display Space”) shall be made within thirty (30) days of Keystone’s invoice date, unless otherwise provided under the customer’s Contract.

In situations requiring prepayment, details will be outlined on the face of customer’s Contract. Failure to make payment provides Keystone the right to cancel or suspend Display Space.

We respect your privacy. Accordingly, no information you provide will be sold or otherwise willfully distributed except (and only) as needed to process your payment, or as required pursuant to a court order or law enforcement investigation.

For your privacy and protection:

  • Sensitive payment information is not communicated to the merchant. We submit a secure transaction to the financial network and the merchant receives the funds directly, but your account number is never revealed to the merchant.
  • Sensitive payment information is not automatically stored after processing, though you can elect to create a Stripe account to expedite future payments. If you so elect, we will store your basic information (name, address, email) and payment credentials information in our secure digital wallet. Once you have a Stripe account, multiple payment instruments may be saved if desired.
  • Stripe is certified at PCI DSS Level One. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) offers four levels of certification, with Level One being the highest. In lay terms, Level One is synonymous to banking level security.

As a result of successfully processing your payment, the processor generates a transaction number which will appears on your receipt and may be used in the event that reference to the transaction is required in the future.

We also respect the privacy and rights of participating companies. Accordingly, logos, or images, where they appear, are used with the permission and by the direction of their respective companies