Location:W/S I-95 (Delaware Expwy) 800' S/O Enterprise Avenue F/S - Philadelphia, PA
Unit #:221
Size:20' x 60'
18+ Weekly Impressions:358,801
DEC:84.7 (Daily Effective Circulation): Number in thousands
Lat / Long:39.888600 , -75.217317
Display:Illuminated Dusk til Dawn
TAB Panel ID:7400861
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Traveling north on I-95 this is one of the units that commuters will see from the Philadelphia International Airport. This stretch of I-95 reaches travelers going to the Sports Complex, the Naval Shipyard, Center City Philadelphia and those traveling to the Jersey shore via Walt Whitman Bridge and Ben Franklin Bridge. It also serves as a major commuter link between the suburbs of Delaware County and Center City Philadelphia as well as those traveling from Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC.